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An unfortunate juxtaposition

The Observer had an interview with Robert Silvers, the veteran editor of the New York Review of Books (he was present at the 1963 dinner party where it was conceived, and has been its editor ever since).

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A quite difficult quiz in The Guardian

The Guardian published a quiz about language – specifically one about errors that have crept into its own pages. There are, obviously, rich pickings to be had here, given that newspaper’s propensity for middling op it’s worms. (In fact, at … Continue reading

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This could be the stupidest article The Guardian has ever published

I realise it’s up against some pretty stiff competition, stupid articles being pretty much The Guardian‘s stock-in-trade (or stocking trade, as they would probably mangle the phrase). But I genuinely think this may be the stupidest article they’ve ever printed. … Continue reading

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