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Mental health campaigns can backfire

Mark ‘One in Four’ Brown has written a typically thoughtful and interesting blog post for the BBC to mark Mental Health Awareness Week. In it he wonders whether a standard tactic deployed by self-appointed mental health campaigners – that of … Continue reading

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What’s best: an “anti-stigma” campaign, or a political campaign?

There’s been a long, long gap between this post and the last, you’ll note, even though they’re on related topics. That’s partly because I found myself being misrepresented and strawmanned in a few places in the blogosphere (and a bit … Continue reading

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They don’t speak for us: the mental health establishment, “stigma” and, now, “casual stigma”

You know something? I really hate this preoccupation with the concept of “stigma” in relation to mental illness. It’s trivial, and middle class – “but, my dear, there’s simply nothing worse that a mental patient might have to face than … Continue reading

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