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The kids are alright, but not all right

The BBC news website had an article about the political affiliations of Generation Y (which is the name unimaginative pop demographers have given to people currently aged 18–30, on the basis that they are the generation after Generation X). The … Continue reading

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John Cole: what his death reveals about present-day political reporting

John Cole, sadly, has died. He became the BBC’s political editor when I was eight, and retired when I was nineteen; his was thus the face and voice of political reporting during the period of time when my interest in … Continue reading

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Incoherence in government housing policy

On Monday, David Cameron gave a speech to the CBI which touched on housing issues.  The government’s housing policy has long been incoherent, and Cameron’s speech served to throw much of the incoherence into high relief.  My main focus in … Continue reading

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A tale of two Peters: liberal v radical in gay politics

A few days ago, Andy of Andy’s Miscellany wrote a post about his developing ideas in relation to politics (both LGBT specific, and in general), and particularly the way the process of coming out has influenced the development of his … Continue reading

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