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Snow business

So this snow then.  I’m not finding it too bad.  Round my way we’ve had had a fair bit of it; I’d say I’ve had 7 or 8 inches in exposed places.  (Oo-er, missus.)  We had some snow on Friday … Continue reading

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Computer says ‘Feeling much better now, thanks’

Obviously I don’t want to jinx this, and it is still very early days, but the fault seems – seems – to have resolved itself.  What changed?  Well, the only concrete thing is that I installed an update for Firefox.  … Continue reading

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End of a decade – part 1

Apologies for the long gap without posts.  I’m hoping I might manage to cobble together some mildly interesting thoughts about the years 2000-2009 at some point.  If I do, these will form part two of this post.  But for now … Continue reading

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0909 090909

This entry has been posted at 09:09 on 09/09/09.  Just because of… you know… the numbers. Sorry, I have a tiny mind, and things like this please it. That is all.

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I need help

Sorry for the week-and-a-bit’s silence, and sorry to say that this is going to be another whiny post.  Those of you who are not fans of self-indulgent whingeing should look away now. At the moment I feel like I’m struggling … Continue reading

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A lousy night

No, I don’t mean that I have bed bugs – even my personal hygiene and domestic skills haven’t got that bad.  Oh, and sorry for the break in blogging, the reason for it should hopefully become apparent during the course … Continue reading

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