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From the BBC: how not to eat healthily for £1 a day

The BBC have published an article by one Brian Milligan, which purports to show that it is possible to eat a healthy, varied diet for less than £1 a day. The article is – and I’m being polite here – … Continue reading

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This could be the stupidest article The Guardian has ever published

I realise it’s up against some pretty stiff competition, stupid articles being pretty much The Guardian‘s stock-in-trade (or stocking trade, as they would probably mangle the phrase). But I genuinely think this may be the stupidest article they’ve ever printed. … Continue reading

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Sock-puppetry: a classic gotcha

Nelson Jones wrote a blog entry at the New Statesman yesterday evening, in which he discussed an essay in the print edition of the magazine by the philosopher (and noted atheist) Daniel Dennett.  At about lunchtime today, the following pair … Continue reading

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10 things that have been annoying me lately

Be warned, this post is messy and disorganised, and contains much crossness and some swearing.  So if you don’t like messy disorganisation, crossness and swearing, you probably shouldn’t read beyond the end of this sentence – the one that’s ending… … Continue reading

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Paedo-geddon: the secretarial edition

From The Telegraph website, and dated 26th March (i.e. it’s not an April fool, unless the date-stamp on the article is part of the spoof): Typing technique ‘could catch paedophiles’ Researchers believe technology could be used to determine a computer … Continue reading

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Psychology v. Science: it’s a no-brainer

You know, there are times when I almost manage to convince myself that psychologists aren’t a bunch of too-stupid-to-make-a-go-of-it-in-a-real-science idiots, and that they might actually have some useful insights into the management of the symptoms of mental illness.  And then … Continue reading

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Of all the stupid things…..

I’ve done some pretty stupid things before now. There was the time I wanted to know if a hotplate on the stove was on.  What might you do if you wanted to know that?  Look at the dial?  Hold your … Continue reading

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