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Art thinking

It seems that I spoke a little too soon when I got all over-excited and breathless over feeling better on Friday, as things have moved a little backwards since then. I feel like somebody else is looking out through my eyes, … Continue reading

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Sometimes I think it would be nice

…if people could just do their damn jobs. Sorry, everyone, I’ve got my grumpy hat on today.  Feel free to wander away elsewhere if you don’t feel like overhearing my Mutley-esque mutterings. Today I got two letters in the post.  … Continue reading

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Another lost opportunity

I’ve bought some new shoes.  I bought them while I was wandering aimlessly around after the end of my last therapy appointment.  I was feeling very empty and unsettled, and it was a miserable day, but I didn’t want to … Continue reading

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Hallucinations & therapy: An update

Regular readers of this blog will know that from time to time I experience a few unusual mental events, like thinking I can hear voices when there’s no-one around to talk, and getting frightened/ suspicious of things that either don’t … Continue reading

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Meeting Yvonne: talking treatments & the NHS

I had a first appointment with a Nurse Specialist last week.  Let’s call her…um…Yvonne.  In case you were wondering, her job title means that she’s a nurse who specialises in running group psychotherapy sessions, not that she’s a random member … Continue reading

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