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Yet more whingeing

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Meanwhile, in real life

I don’t really like writing about things that affect my real life on this blog, as you will have gathered.  I would like to give the impression that I am a disembodied intellect drifting high above the surface of the … Continue reading

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This is why I feel like a failure

I was leaving my flat earlier today (*checks clock*) yesterday, and I happened to coincide with two of my neighbours standing on the landing having a chat.  There are 6 flats on the floor of my building, and these are … Continue reading

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Analysing the f*** out of everything

This is part of a comment left by Zoe on my last post a couple of days ago: Instead you seem to have gone on a one-man mission to analyse the fuck out of everytjing. I would say I was … Continue reading

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Oh, what’s the bloody point?

Famously, this was the last entry in Kenneth Williams’ diary (or at least the gist of it – I haven’t been able to track down the exact quote) from a couple of days before he killed himself/ took an accidental … Continue reading

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