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Things Archbishop Welby believes in: straight-only marriage and feudalism

His Grace The Most Reverend and Right Honourable Justin Portal Welby, by Divine Providence Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of All England– …and breathe… –has spoken in public twice this week. The two utterances have given a disturbing insight into … Continue reading

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Evil and atheism

Well, that’s a heavy enough sounding title, isn’t it? I sometimes feel I should write more posts with titles like ‘7 Reasons Why Kittens Are Nice’, or ‘3 Tips for Baking the Perfect Apple Pie’. Everyone likes blog posts about … Continue reading

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If I were a liberal Christian, I think I’d be annoyed by this

The BBC website has an article up reporting on the High Court ruling that local councils do not have the power to include prayers at the start of their meetings.  The judgement seems sensible to me – the effect of … Continue reading

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F.A.O. Archbishop John Sentamu: the rights of the religious in a secular society

If you are a keen storm watcher, and have been paying close attention to teacups, you will be aware that the Most Reverend Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, has announced his wholly predictable opposition to marriage equality. His reasons … Continue reading

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Sock-puppetry: a classic gotcha

Nelson Jones wrote a blog entry at the New Statesman yesterday evening, in which he discussed an essay in the print edition of the magazine by the philosopher (and noted atheist) Daniel Dennett.  At about lunchtime today, the following pair … Continue reading

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Where’s the thundering condemnation of Breivik as a Christian fundamentalist?

Is there anyone who believes that, if Anders Behring Breivik was a Muslim, the coverage of last Friday’s events in Norway wouldn’t have focussed on that fact, almost to the exclusion of everything else?  Is there anyone willing to make … Continue reading

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Il pape

I know I’m not supposed to be writing about things that actually matter anymore, but I can’t let the pope’s visit pass without some comment.  These, then, are some things I noticed.

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