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Aethelread the Unwritten

This blog always has been unread. After today, it will also be unwritten… Advertisements

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Glastonbury 2014

I know, Glastonbury is so long ago you can’t even remember it happened. I’ve been planning for over a week to write my traditional Glastonbury-as-experienced-on-the-BBC post, but I found I was just feeling too uninspired. Partly that was down to … Continue reading

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The BMA’s permanent smoking ban

The British Medical Association have voted ‘overwhelmingly’ for a permanent ban on anyone born after the year 2000 buying cigarettes. I have some things I want to say about this. First, it is probably illegal. Second, it would in practice … Continue reading

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Political predictions: first update

Eighteen months ago I pretended, preposterously, to be some kind of all-seeing political oracle – Eighteen months ago I idiotically created a whole series of hostages to fortune – Eighteen months ago I used this blog to make a number … Continue reading

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Do straight people still need straight bars?

Let me guess. If you’re straight, you’re currently thinking to yourself, “What’s a straight bar?” Well, allow me to explain. A straight bar is a bar which is probably (but not always) owned and run by straight people. The employees … Continue reading

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10 songs to explain the 1980s

The Guardian recently posed what it called a ‘Playlist challenge’: to select 10 songs that would ‘explain the 1980s’ to people who were too young to experience them first hand. [Oh, ok, it’s not actually recent at all. The truth … Continue reading

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Twice a year, as you know, there’s a day when the hours of darkness and the hours of light are equivalent. One of those days is in the autumn, and marks a point of transition as the year dwindles down … Continue reading

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