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Homophobia kills

On Sunday night – less than 24 hours after Omar Mateen killed 49 people in Orlando, Florida for being gay – Owen Jones, the gay journalist, took part in a review of the papers on Sky News. He ended up … Continue reading

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Aethelread the Unwritten

This blog always has been unread. After today, it will also be unwritten…

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Nicky Morgan: the Minister for Equalities who doesn’t believe in LGBT equality

You might currently be experiencing an odd sense of deja vu. That’s because I wrote a post with a very similar title to this – Nicky Morgan: the Minister for Women who doesn’t believe in equality for all women – … Continue reading

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Glastonbury 2014

I know, Glastonbury is so long ago you can’t even remember it happened. I’ve been planning for over a week to write my traditional Glastonbury-as-experienced-on-the-BBC post, but I found I was just feeling too uninspired. Partly that was down to … Continue reading

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Scottish independence, Ed Miliband & progressive politics

On the 4th June the Scottish government’s Expert Working Group on Welfare issued its report on the possible shape of the social security system in an independent Scotland. They recommended that:

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The BMA’s permanent smoking ban

The British Medical Association have voted ‘overwhelmingly’ for a permanent ban on anyone born after the year 2000 buying cigarettes. I have some things I want to say about this. First, it is probably illegal. Second, it would in practice … Continue reading

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The kids are alright, but not all right

The BBC news website had an article about the political affiliations of Generation Y (which is the name unimaginative pop demographers have given to people currently aged 18–30, on the basis that they are the generation after Generation X). The … Continue reading

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