Please be aware that this blog is no longer being maintained. If you need to contact me, see here for how.

For the purposes of this I’m calling myself Aethelread [*], although that’s not my real name. (No!  Really?…)

I live in the UK, somewhere to the west of the prime meridian.  So that could mean anywhere from Penzance to Thurso, or from Milford Haven to New Cross, although, actually, it’s none of these.

I’m in my early forties,  male, and single.

I have been diagnosed with Recurrent Depressive Disorder.  If you ever want to wind me up, just ask me, “Is depression that thing where you feel a bit down, but then you have some ice cream and feel better?”

You might describe me as: a friend of Dorothy’s; an iron; a faggot; an uphill gardener; an arse-bandit; an ass-pirate; a shirt-lifter; a shit-stabber; a pole-smoker; a cocksucker; a wearer of the pink triangle; a Uranian; a Dweller in the House of Sodom.  You could even call me gay, but then you might tie yourself up in knots explaining that you didn’t mean “gay-as-happy”, but you didn’t mean “gay-as-a-bad-thing” either.

Me?  I tend to call myself a poof.

[*] The original Aethelread was a king of England during the late 10th and early 11th centuries.  He’s often called ‘Aethelread the Unready’, so the title of this blog is a pretty obvious pun – let’s just say I don’t anticipate a readership of thousands.

13 Responses to About

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  2. sadjunkie says:

    I love the name. Very clever :)

  3. If you’re interested in such things, you’ve been tagged for a meme.

  4. ron says:

    We have been able to change the Google Blogger URL for this blog. We are now located at http://ukmentalhealthnetwork.blogspot.com

    If you had a link on your blog or you were following our blog on the previous URL (http://theuservoice.blogspot.com) – I’m terribly sorry – but it will need to be changed for the link to work. It was important to us that we eliminate the term User on our blog. Couldn’t continue to talk about how the term user was inappropriate and still use it as our URL. We have separately contacted those individuals who were publicly following this blog and had an email listed in their profile. Again thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.

  5. Keith says:

    Coming from North East England, across the river from Tynemouth, where a line of very early kings with weird names, I think the title is wonderful, and original!


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  7. Labrys says:

    I think your name is clever, I think your self-description hilarious. I do hope you do not mind that I have added your blog to my “blogroll” because you deserve more readers. I am likewise unread, I am likewise often depressed and tend to be very uncheery and stabby tongued. (No taking that the wrong way as a first impression, lol!)

  8. jools says:

    Dole scrounger, that just about says it all really. Instead of putting all your energies into harshly critising succesful people who strive to be the best they can, why don’t you lift your idle arse and do the same….

  9. purplesapho says:

    Hey there, I came to your blog because I liked your name. ^^

  10. I am a fellow Depression Sufferer, so I had NO hesitation whatsoever in Following your Blog. :)

  11. I LOVE your name as well. :)

  12. celenagaia33 says:

    You can expect a readership of me, though. Beautifully brutal biog.

  13. ravensmarch says:

    I’ve only just happened upon the blog, and I think it’s magnificent. I also think “Aethelraed” in its original meaning is spot-on for what I’ve read so far.

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