The ultimate Pet Shop Boys quiz

Just a quick bit of throwaway fun, this. There might be some proper blogging in a bit, or there might not.*

In the meantime, think of this as a small burst of coherent clicks in a sea of static – just enough to reassure you there’s still a small sliver of life in the robot out wandering the far fringes of the solar system.

Yes, yes I do seem to be pretending that I’m one of the Voyagers. Not really sure why.

Anyway, Shortlist have posted what they describe as The Ultimate Pet Shop Boys quiz. I heard about the quiz thanks to a Pet Text from the band (or, actually, given that it’s not signed either Chris or Neil, more likely their publicists) – they describe it as ‘quite difficult’. So, all in all, I was rather chuffed that I scored 26/30.

Chuffed, but also surprised. I realise I come across as a tragically obsessed fan on this blog – the kind of person who is au fait with even the most trivial of details – but in fact my knowledge of the band is riven through with lacunae. I know virtually nothing about remixes, for example (though I can remember, because it is both so wonderfully named and so wonderful, the Trouser Enthusiasts Adventures Beyond the Stellar Empire mix of ‘Discoteca’), and would be hard-pressed to tell you – even for that fraction of the titles I recognised – which B side had appeared on which single.

So I had assumed, these being the most arcane sorts of PSB knowledge, that both would feature prominently in the quiz, and that as a result I would spend a lot of time muttering to myself

Ooh, ‘Decadence’, now was that the B side to ‘Liberation’? Or was it ‘I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of Thing’? I’m about 58% certain it was one of the Very singles…

and would end up thoroughly humiliated as a result. As it turned out, the questions were for the most part rather more benign, if still obscure enough to test a normal person non-fan: you know, things like knowing something which isn’t mentioned in the lyrics of a song.

For the record, I let myself down with a question about a remix, a question about which single a B side had appeared on (see? I told you I was rubbish at those), naming a song they had written for another band, and identifying the city in which a live DVD I haven’t seen (yet) was recorded. That last was especially annoying, simply because I could discount two of the four options on the basis that live DVDs I have seen were recorded in them, but then plumped for the wrong remainder. (Actually, one of them isn’t a DVD at all – I have Discovery on honest-to-goodness VHS. It could be worse. I could have it on laserdisc.)

Anyway, the quiz is here, if you fancy having a crack at it yourself. And with that I’m going to drift off, again, to contemplate the heliopause

* – Sorry to sound mysterious about the continuation/ non-continuation of the blog. I’ve been re-evaluating whether what I do here is worthwhile, or if it’s clumsily-expressed, poorly-researched shite. And – even if it sometimes, on my better days, is slightly sort-of worth reading – whether it’s worth the effort it takes to produce. Blogging does not come naturally to me (doing anything that makes me, how ever marginally, visible in public does not come naturally to me). I could never go so far as to say I take pleasure in blogging – though I do take intermittent pleasure in having blogged, if that distinction makes sense – and there are times when permanently flouncing for the good of my health seems like it might be for the best.

(To set against that: forcing myself to interact with the world, even in so slight a way, is probably a good thing. I haven’t had a real-world conversation with anyone since August 2012 (unless you count my dentist), and if I give up blogging I basically give up on all human interaction. Which sounds to me right now like a consummation devoutly to be wished, but is probably one stoutly to be resisted.)

No final conclusions as yet. Although here I am, blogging again, so, you know…

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