Sorry for the lack of posts in recent days weeks. I feel especially bad about it since my last post, saying slightly angry things about the Mind Awards, was one of my more popular in recent times, and attracted quite a few new followers to the blog who’ve since been met with a wall of silence.

The truth is that I have not been doing especially well lately. As always at this time of year I’ve fallen into a bit of a despair pit (it’s partly a time-of-year thing – how to approach Christmas without being aware of all the dead people I used to spend it with? – and partly a lack-of-light thing), but this year I seem to have fallen further and hit harder than usual. My coping strategy is to withdraw from non-essential tasks in order to keep the basics ticking over – a bit like radically unlike the way a hypothermic body will divert blood flow from its surface to the vital organs at its core – and this blog has fallen victim to that process.

So, sorry about that, but it’s currently taking all my focus just to live out the famous exhortation – from a man who knew a thing or two about ‘black dogs‘, Winston Churchill – to KBO: Keep Buggering On. Though not, in my case, literally – buggery currently features well below blogging on my list of things to do. Well, I wouldn’t want to spill my tea…

Anyway, nothing to be done except drag myself through. In respect of that, I’ve been listening quite a lot to ‘Überlin’ by REM – ‘I will make it through the day and, when the day becomes the night, I will make it through the night’ – which is about as close as I can get to optimism right now.

Basically, I need the sun to come back, and bring hope with it. Until it does, I shall do my best to Bugger Ever Onward.

If you listen to ‘Überlin’, it’s probably best to gloss over the stuff about flying on a star into a meteor, which makes no sense whatsoever: a meteorite only becomes a meteor when it enters a planetary atmosphere. And, anyway, the smaller mass object (the meteorite) would fly into the larger mass object (the star), not vice versa. Wait… why are you all mouthing the words ‘over-literal interpretation’ behind my back?

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  1. blackberryjuniper says:

    I feel crappy too. I hope you do keep buggering on, and I for one will be here waiting for when you have more to say. xx

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