More spammy goodness

Ok, so I’m essentially repeating myself here, but today’s bumper crop of spam threw up a couple of things that amused me, and I thought might amuse you, too.  Viz.:

You might want to consist of several interpersonal buttons

Might I, indeed!

I have come across plenty via interpersonal buttons

I’ll bet that’s what you tell all the girls…

And also:

Whenever you sit down or generate for long intervals, you’re risking your rear wellness.  Purchase back again cushions designed to aid your rear problems. They’ve different styles of assist shields

Oh, no, not my rear wellness!  The wellness of my rear is of great importance to me.  I shall investigate these ass shields of which you speak… sorry, assist shields…

[I have edited these slightly in order to realise their full comic potential.  Basically, I cut out the dull bits.]

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  1. Kapitano says:

    Sitting down and generating for long intervals? That explains your improbably long blogroll.

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