In place of a proper post

…and because my brain has withered to the size and usefulness of a dried pea rattling around a vast and empty cavern…

some recommendations for things by other people that I have come across, and like, and think you might like too.


watch this (pilot for an online TV show presented by Robert ‘Scrapheap Challenge’/ ‘Red Dwarf’ Llewellyn about cars that are actually exciting because they’re not using 125-year-old technology for their motive power)

and read this (a genuinely inspiring blog post written by a 15 year old American guy on the subject of being gay, and wanting to find some interesting books to read, and not just endless retellings of the coming out process).

But, you know – only if you want to.

In unrelated news, I understand that it’s the summer and that plants, like everyone else, are feeling horny, and have become preoccupied with spreading the love to that hot little number just over the way there.  But why, in the name of hell, does the life-cycle of plants have to involve the production of a substance that my stupid immune system interprets as a threat?  And while we’re on the subject, why does my stupid immune system think pollen is dangerous?  You’d think that, after a few million years of evolution, it might have managed to work out that the danger from what is, essentially, plant sperm is nil.

Coming soon: an actual post featuring actual ideas actually had by me using my own actual brain, in the course of which I promise not to abuse the word actually.

…for a certain value of ‘soon’, anyway…

…at least I should actually be able to stick to the not abusing actually bit…


Sorry.  Despite appearances and the time I’m writing this (2230 on a Saturday night), I’m not drunk.  Just rendered slightly giddy by the fact that it’s 2230 and it’s still light! (-ish.  If you look at the right bit of the sky, anyway.)  I may not love the pollen at this time of year, but I love the light.  Comparing how I feel now, and how I feel at the other end of the year, there’s no question I can cope with the shit my mind throws at me so much better at this time of year.  Alongside all the other stuff that affects my moods, there’s got to be an element of SAD in there.

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2 Responses to In place of a proper post

  1. Kapitano says:

    “rendered slightly giddy by the fact that it’s 2230 and it’s still light!”

    As you were typing that, I was looking out of my window, thinking exactly the same thing.

    That, and wondering if I really felt like keeping an appointment for sex an hour later. Didn’t feel like it, did it anyway.

    There might be a story in there that isn’t about the coming out process. Hmm.

  2. Katherine says:

    Happy Midsummer! Love this time of year myself – it’s almost worth February – almost.

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