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Well, as everyone knows, there’s a really important voting decision coming up.  But, for a change, I’m not talking about the poll that closes on May 6th, and affects every aspect of our lives for the next 5 years.  No, I’m talking about the other poll, the one that closes on May 7th, and focuses on the clearly much more important subject of which male celebrities gay and bisexual men think are the most attractive: the AfterElton Hot 100.  (Ok, so obviously it’s nothing like as important, but even a politics geek like me needs an occasional relapse into mindless fluff.)

Anyway, I’ve just voted in the poll (it’s one where you write in your own candidates rather than choose from a list), and I thought you might be interested to know who I’ve plumped for.  With illustrations.  So, don’t look below unless you are prepared to look at pics of guys I think are attractive, some of whom – I warn you now – won’t be wearing very much.

There are actually four separate polls – the main list, another list which is only for out gay and bisexual men, a third list for non-white men, and a fourth for men over 50.  I understand the reason for the secondary lists – it’s an attempt to correct the in-built bias towards the young, straight, white men who always dominate lists like this – but it still feels a little dubious to me.  I mean, if I find someone attractive, why wouldn’t I put him in my main list (actually, for the most part I have)?  It’s almost like gay, ‘ethnic’ and older men are being automatically downgraded to second class status.  Still, I know that’s not the intention, and I did vote in the secondary lists, although my over-50 list only had one entry in it.  I’d like to claim that this is all the fault of our culture which refuses to present older people as attractive, but actually, it’s just a reflection of the fact that I’m a very shallow person who prefers younger guys – the mean average age of my choices on the other three lists is 28 (range 19 – 39).

Ok, so let’s get the embarrassingly brief ‘Hottest Men Over 50’ out of the way first.

Chris Lowe – musician.

Next up, the main list (in reverse order):

10Guillermo Diaz – TV and film actor.

09Gareth Thomas – rugby player.

08Danny Miller – TV actor.

07Frankmusik – musician.

06Le Minh Hieu – model.

05Daniel Leary – comedian and actor.

04Haaz Sleiman – TV and film actor.

03Kele Okereke – musician.

02Russell Tovey – theatre, film and TV actor.

01Stefan Olsdal – musician.

Next comes the ‘Hottest Men of Color’.  Only 5 entries allowed in this list; mostly these are duplicates, but with different pics to keep it fresh…

05Aston Merrygold – singer.

04 – Guillermo Diaz.

03 – Le Minh Hieu.

02 – Haaz Sleiman.

01 – Kele Okereke.

And, last but not least, ‘Hottest Out Gay Men’.  These are all duplicates, but, again, different pics.

05 – Gareth Thomas.

04 – Daniel Leary.

03 – Kele Okereke.

02 – Russell Tovey.

01 – Stefan Olsdal.

So, there you have it.  Expressions of disgust, horror, bemusement, appreciation etc. welcome in the comments.

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6 Responses to AfterElton Hot 100

  1. J. Wibble says:

    Semi-naked men always welcome here. ;) While I can see all those guys are theoretically hot, they’re not my type. I tend to fancy twinks and actually date people who (putting this as delicately as I can) aren’t as gym-chiselled as your choices. Maybe I’m intimidated by men who could quite clearly kick my arse at a moment’s notice, or maybe just looking at people with that many muscles makes me feel tired. :p

    As for the cultural obsession with the beauty of youth, I suppose from an evolutionary perspective it makes sense as younger people have fresher eggs/sperm and thus are more likely to produce viable offspring, as well as being more likely to have the energy and faculties necessary for child-rearing in the days when the main focus of this activity was ensuring they didn’t get eaten by bears or whatever. Why this preference would also apply to gay people I don’t know, and you could probably read something into the nature of homosexuality based on that but I’m too tired and essentially can’t be bothered. I’ll come up with a theory when I’m actually awake and fully coherent, so probably in about 2015.

  2. Kapitano says:


    If you want to understand sexuality, it helps to just forget about the whole reproduction thing. Reproduction may have been the original purpose of sexuality, but it’s gone way beyond that, and trying to stuff it all back into the little box of reproduction is…

    …like trying to explain childhood obesity in the west in terms of protein catabolisation.

    Sexuality can inhabit just about anything. Shoes (foot fetishism), bullying (S&M), god (religious devotion), TV shows (slash fiction), and even celibacy (courtly love).

  3. aethelreadtheunread says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    J. WibbleSemi-naked men always welcome here. ;)

    That’s very much the view i take. Always good to know it’s endorsed. :o)

    I tend to fancy twinks and actually date people who (putting this as delicately as I can) aren’t as gym-chiselled as your choices.

    Regarding the twink-fancying, well, we have to keep in mind that i’m a lot older than you, and from my perspective people in their mid to late 20s seem just as twinky as 18 year olds. ;o) As for who i go for in real life, well, clearly i have to cut my cloth according to what i can get, which means my own less-than-chiselled physique, and many, many other flaws, come into play. But, in any case, in terms of dating, there are lots of factors to take into account, not just physicality. :o)

    Why this preference would also apply to gay people I don’t know

    Well, I don’t want to pre-empt the 2015 publication on the subject by Wibble et al. :o) I think, though, that the case of homosexuality actually shows the limitations of the evolutionary psychology approach to understanding sexual attraction, though other things are also problematic – the fact. for example, that people with symetrical features are usually found to be more attractive, even though this level of fine, physical detail will have no impact on fitness or ability to rear children.

    My gut feeling is that it is pretty much entirely cultural – you only have to go back to the 50s to find people trying to look older than they were because looking older was considered more attractive. (Though, to be fair, that applied more to men than women, and, even in the case of men, the popularity of guys like James Dean and Montgomery Clift would shoot a massive hole in my argument….)

    But, you’re right, it’s interesting to think about, and i will be very interested to see what you make of it all. :o)

    Kapitano – Sorry for butting in when you’re not talking to me. I just wanted to make the point (which you may already know of, in which case, sorry) that J is talking pretty much theoretically above. He actually has one of the least conventional takes on matters of sex and sexuality of anyone i know. But, on the theoretical level, you make good points. :o)

  4. Neuroskeptic says:

    Kele is gay? I must admit, I didn’t know that. :)

  5. aethelreadtheunread says:

    Hi Neuroskeptic, and thanks for commenting. :o)

    Kele is gay?

    He is, although he’s only started being fully open about it in the last couple of months.

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