Possibly the most fun you can have with your own hand…

…well, without…er…loosening your clothing first, anyway…

This is the sort of thing that I would have put on Twitter, if I had a Twitter account.  It doesn’t really justify a whole blog post all to itself.  And, as well, I’m not usually a big fan of being sucked into these viral marketing thingies.  But, this is brilliant.

Basically you use your mouse to drag a model around your screen.  Obviously, you can only make him move in the directions that they’ve shot the footage for, but it’s extremely well done.  He’s very responsive, moving fast or slow depending on how you move your mouse, and you can make him freeze in position, and abruptly reverse direction, all with very little latency.  On a couple of the screens you get to rip the shirt off his back, and it’s pretty obvious they’re hoping that’s what’ll make people enjoy playing with him, but that’s not really the best bit (i.e., I don’t fancy him).  The best bit is that you can make him move in time to the music, and make him freeze in some beautiful, dance-like positions:

It’s very hard to put into words, but this is a bizarrely fascinating experience, and once you’ve started, you’ll be amazed at how much time shoots past while you’re just sitting there waggling your mouse.  Seriously, give it a go, you’ll be glad you did.  Although, if you’re like me, you won’t be any more inclined to buy Wrangler clothes afterwards than you were before, which suggests that the ad agency might want to re-think the ‘marketing’ part of their ‘viral marketing’ strategy…

Anyway, it turns out that viral web thingies where you get to interact with people taking off clothes that the manufacturers hope you might want to buy are something of a trend at the moment.  So, for example, there’s this, from Adidas, where you get to select which New Zealand rugby players swap their shirts.  It’s less interactive than the Wrangler one – once you’ve selected who’s going to strip, it’s just a video that plays – but it’s mildly diverting.  Or, at least, it is if you enjoy looking at topless rugby players; if you don’t then there’s really nothing to keep you occupied, and it’s certainly a lot less fun than the Wrangler one.  Luckily for me I do enjoy looking at topless rugby players, especially the previously unknown to me Tamati Ellison, who seems way too pretty to be a rugby player.  I mean, he hasn’t got a broken nose, or cauliflower ears, or anything:

Also, apparently, a gay porn studio has created a thing where you can choose which pair of a set of their models swap their underpants, but naturally I won’t be lowering the tone of this blog by providing a highly-visible link to that kind of full-frontal filth.  Not least because the whole thing is curiously unsexy – but then again, porn studios often do manage to make theoretically titillating things look about as erotic as a live feed from an abattoir.

Hat tip to AfterElton, where I found out about all of this.

Coming soon: a proper post.  Possibly.  It may depend on your definition of ‘soon’.  And your definition of ‘proper’.  I do have some thoughts bubbling under which were sparked off by something Gareth Thomas (an out gay rugby player who does have a broken nose and cauliflower ears) said, and some other thoughts about the draft version of DSM V, but they’re at an early stage at present, especially the DSM stuff.  And there’s that post about the (in my opinion) best songs of the last decade that I’ve been trying to write since about the 15th December – given that’s the fluffiest post and involves the least thought (I already know the songs in the list) that one might see the light of day first.  Or maybe not, if I’m worried about all the people who’ll laugh at my lousy taste in music.  Anyway, I’m going to stop this stream-of-consciousness addendum before it ends up longer than the post it’s…er… addended to.  Addended, is that a word?  Apparently so.  Right, I really am stopping now.

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  1. gun street girl says:

    Aethel, I must say…I look forward to updates to your blog just about more than anything else I read online. :)

  2. :-) Yes, was fun. Hope you’re well Ae. D

  3. aethelreadtheunread says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    gun street girl – glad you enjoy them. :o)

    abysmal musings – pleased you had fun. :o) Yeah, i’m doing ok, thanks. Hope you are, too.

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