Swimming against the undercurrent

If you’re ever watched Mock The Week, you’ll know that the final round each episode involves the contestants being told about a particular situation, and coming up with (theoretically…) funny things to hear in that situation.  I’ve just finished watching last Thursday’s episode, and one of the situations was ‘Bad Things To Hear At The Psychiatrists’:

Frankie Boyle:  Well, you say you’re paranoid, but I’ve got a report here that says you were looking very relaxed in the bath this morning.

FB:  You’ve been coming here for six months to talk about your trust issues – while we’ve been secretly filming you for Britain’s Nuttiest Bastards!

Jokes like this are quite funny, I think.  Although, come to think of it, that being spied on in the bath thing and being secretly filmed is too damn plausible to be a joke…  Aha!  I understand.  They’re telling me about in a TV comedy show because they think then that I will think it must be ridiculous and so I won’t realise that’s what they’re actually doing.  But I have realised, so ha!.

…er…unless it’s a double bluff, and they just want me to think that it’s true because they’re, like, messing with my mind, man…

…but then maybe it’s actually a triple bluff, and they want me to think that they’re only doing it to mess with my mind because it’s the perfect cover for what they’re actually doing


*adjusts tin foil hat*

Seriously, it’s kind of weird to have seen this on TV, especially given that I’m currently waiting to hear (or not hear) from my psychiatrist, and with my last little moments of oddness having involved a concern that people were using a comedy show to communicate with me.  These comments were funny, and I did laugh (possibly more than was strictly justified, in fact…), but at the same time it’s all quite fresh in my mind and I can feel a distinct pull towards this way of thinking.  Especially with the feeling that my psychiatrist doesn’t take my problems seriously, and then this stuff about being mocked for paranoia and having difficulty trusting people…  Yes, there’s definitely a pull there.

But, on the bright side, I’ve sat straight down (well, ok, not exactly straight down, but within three hours) and blogged about it, rather than slamming the lid shut on my contact with the world and going awol for a week.  So, you know, that’s progress…

Coming soon: a post in which I don’t gaze up my own metaphorical arsehole. 

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3 Responses to Swimming against the undercurrent

  1. Lucy McGough says:

    Good for you :-)

    Take care.

  2. J.Wibble says:

    Frankie Boyle’s jokes seem to be designed to make everyone in the entire world feel uncomfortable (and Mock the Week in general seems to be geared towards irritating Daily Mail readers), so I wouldn’t take it personally. He’s built a career on being the comedian everyone laughs at while thinking, “I’m going to hell for laughing at this”. I felt a slight twinge of paranoia when I watched that one but I think that’s why the joke is funny, because it’s playing on the idea of justified paranoia when the whole point of paranoia is that the anxiety is unjustified. This makes it a very clever joke, but definitely only a joke.

  3. Josie says:

    The thing that struck me the most about that part of the round was the inaccurate understanding of what a psychiatrist is. In the outside world people don’t know the difference between a psychiatrist, a therapist, a counsellor and a Freudian oddball. Most of the jokes seemed more about meeting a psychotherapist.

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