Harry Potter & The Global Gay Conspiracy

Ok, so it’ll probably turn out that everyone in the entire world knows about this already but –

This is stunning.  Just stunning.

If you need help getting to the bottom of things, as I did, then Wikipedia is, as ever, your friend.

Hat tip, as they say, to The Lay Scientist.

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7 Responses to Harry Potter & The Global Gay Conspiracy

  1. lsnduck says:

    Ron is much cuter (and a better actor).

    But seriously:

    Mmm, Alan Rickman.

  2. Katherine says:

    Oh, did this make me laugh! (and it was much needed – thank you)

  3. awfrick says:


    I laughed a couple times reading this.

  4. J.Wibble says:

    I think the Daily Telegraph tried really, really hard to find the most utterly unattractive picture of Daniel Radcliffe in existence.

    Maybe I’m just feeling particularly humorless after having no sleep (again), but my first urge was to slap Daniel Radcliffe. Whether or not he actually is, I doubt he’d think it was so awesome if he’d been chased up the street by a group of gay-bashers or had a brick chucked through his window because of it. It’s not something you can turn off and on when it suits you – I wish it was.

    The Landover Baptist Church and The Lay Scientist did make me giggle though – I love the ‘instructional video’ on witches (my husband is a pagan and I only bought a bathroom scale to see if he weighs the same as a duck :) My mother is very annoyed at these daft fundies who think Harry Potter is an evil influence on children, as it means she can’t buy Harry Potter Lego from The Entertainer and it’s getting harder to find decent Lego sets these days.

  5. J.Wibble says:

    Edit: forgot to second the ‘mmm, Alan Rickman’. There’s something about that voice…

  6. aethelreadtheunread says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    lsnduck – well, i’ve never actually seen (or read, for that matter) any Harry Potter so i can’t really offer an opinion on either the acting ability or attractiveness of any of the cast. I remember seeing Daniel Radcliffe interviewed around the time he was doing ‘Equus’, and he seemed very sweet, but i can’t say i found him sexy. As for Alan Rickman, well, he’s tremendously entertaining, but i wouldn’t say ‘mmm’ about him myself… :o)

    Katherine – glad to be of service. I hope you feel better for your laugh. :o)

    awfrick – glad you enjoyed it. :o)

    J.Wibble – I can definitely see your point, but if straight actors are going to be found attractive by gay men, i’d rather they were thrilled by it than disgusted, or say (like the inexplicably popular Danny Dyer) that they don’t really mind, but it’s a bit ‘weird’. But, like i say, i can see your point. :o)

    As for Landover Baptist Church – well, i genuinely couldn’t tell if it was a parody or not. I mean, it was laughably stupid, but that doesn’t neccesarily mean it’s not genuine. It’s a stunningly good satire, i think, because it’s so damn plausible. Even down to making a mistake with their offensive terminology and calling homos ‘homers’ and then refusing to admit ever after that they’ve made a mistake. :o)

  7. J.Wibble says:

    That’s true, I guess it’s a positive thing that he doesn’t think it’s vile and wrong. The comment about supposedly having a ‘gay face’ – I don’t know what one is either – did make me smile.

    Thankfully, Landover Baptist Church is definitely a parody. Westboro Baptist Church unfortunately isn’t, as I discovered when I was 14 and actually sent them an email asking if it was because I thought it was so ridiculous. I’m not sure if I regret that, as the email I got back was also hilariously daft (I wish I still had it but that email account went defunct long ago).

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