An announcement

Let it be known throughout the blogosphere that Aethelread continues to be not dead, and basically fine, if still somewhat dispirited.

Let it be further known that Aethelread is, as always, overwhelmed by the kindness and support offered by the lovely people who read, comment and email him.  Seriously, he is.  You should see him getting all misty-eyed, like the gibbering emotional incontinent that he is.

With particular reference to those who have emailed, Aethelread wishes it to be known that he has read what you say, and is massively appreciative of the advice, concern, general chit-chat and exciting invitations contained within those emails.  He will be replying to you, just as soon as he’s overcome his desire to hide under the duvet and say ‘Eeeep!’ a lot.  (The desire to hide under the duvet is, he would like it known, not connected in any way with the content or existence of the emails, but rather with unrelated events happening in Real Life.)  It is his sincere wish and hope that no-one will be unduly worried or  pissed off by the delay.

In all future communications, Aethelread will attempt to overcome the annoying habit of refering to himself in the third person.  :o)

Take care, everyone,


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2 Responses to An announcement

  1. cellar_door says:

    Hehe :o) Cellar Door is very glad Aethelread isn’t dead, and would encourage him to look after himself and keep us updated on his non-dead (undead?) status as appropriate…


  2. jeanne waltz says:

    The undead at the cellar door
    tosses his head and goes for more
    (sorry, too tempting)

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