And THIS week I ‘ave bin mostly eatin’

Well, having bludgeoned you all into a state of total unresponsiveness with my last post (it’s ok – even I get bored with my Pet Shop Boys fixation some times), I thought I would give you a follow-up to the post from last week when I bemoaned the state of my diet.  I guess I would say that it has improved a little:

  • Tuesday 17th – vegetable curry with mushrooms, courgette, green pepper, cauliflower, onion,  coconut milk and cashew nuts with boiled rice
  • Wednesday 18th – left-over curry with boiled rice
  • Thursday 19th – sweet and sour stir-fried mixed vegetables with boiled rice (from local Chinese takeaway – also spoke with lady working behind counter while waiting – this equals first ‘chat’ since 29th December)
  • Friday 20th – 2x sausages, oven chips, baked beans
  • Saturday 21st – casserole with onion, carrot, parsnip, cauliflower, mange tout and sugar-snap peas with boiled new potatoes
  • Sunday 22nd – left-over casserole with boiled new potatoes
  • Monday 23rd – 6x Fishfingers, boiled new potatoes and baked beans.

Still not perfect by any means.  I haven’t really changed the other parts of my diet outside the main meal – crisps, chocolate, cakes and biscuits, oh, and a banana a day – but I have managed to cut down a little on the tonnage of food I consume.  I did also buy some porridge oats, but didn’t get round to actually making porridge.  Still, they did come in handy for thickening the casserole.  On the whole I’m inclined to give myself at least half a gold star here, however.  I haven’t been in the best of states mood-wise, so finding the energy to cook actual food at all was a bit of a victory, I think.  And I only had oven chips and sausages once, and baked beans twice, which is a definite result.

I’d like to say that I’ve noticed a vast improvement in things like my mood, and my general vitality, and so on, but I haven’t.  I’ve always felt that most of the benefit I get from having better food comes from the satisfaction connected with cooking, but this week, because I wasn’t really concentrating, I made a bit of a hash of things (not in a setting fire to the kitchen kind of way; a reducing all food to the consistency of over-cooked mush kind of way), so I didn’t really get the cooking buzz, either.  Never mind, it was still worth doing.

I was mildly perturbed to realise, as I was chatting to the lady in the takeaway (or, more accurately, being chatted too – I mainly just said slightly encouraging things and smiled a lot), that I hadn’t actually had a conversation with anyone (unless you count General Psychiatrist, which I don’t) since I saw a few of my friends between christmas and new year.  What is shocking, really, isn’t the fact that I’ve gone a long time without talking to anyone – I’m used to that – but the fact that I’d gone almost 3 months (a quarter of a year) without even noticing.  This is the next most obvious Thing To Work On (assuming I can keep both diet and exercise ticking over).

Meanwhile, in other news:

  • I have shaved my head.  I’m more of a coward than Lucy, so I haven’t gone for the completely bald look, but I have given myself a No. 1 all over.  I was trying to give myself a less radical haircut (and had actually achieved a decent looking fringe across the front, though I do say so myself), but I couldn’t get the bits above my ears to match, and in the end I decided to shave the whole lot off in a fit of pique.  I’m currently trying to convince myself I look like an effortlessly sexy 20-year-old super-fit swimmer (they still shave their heads, right?), but I fear I look more like those pictures you see on the news when someone’s escaped from somewhere…


  • In what is arguably the least-well-targeted junk-mailing ever, I received today an invitation to contact a gentleman named Scott, with a view to attending a ‘dynamic’ ‘Family Church’ with him, where I will be ‘taught the relevance jesus has to my life’.  I’m almost tempted to arrange to meet him, just so I can see the look of fear in the whites of his eyes when he realises that I…ahem…bat for the other team…  (I don’t know if all ‘family churches’ are the same across the country, but when I was studying in Small conservative Town in the South of England, I did once sleep with a guy who’d been ‘cured’ of his homosexuality by a family church.  Apparently they did the whole laying on of hands, and casting out of demons, and everything.  Given what we got up to, I think it’s fair to say that the ‘cure’ really hadn’t worked at all well…)
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10 Responses to And THIS week I ‘ave bin mostly eatin’

  1. la says:

    Bloody Hell, mate! That’s an impressive amount of veg!

    I was sticking to my muesli breakfast until I stayed at my dad’s on Sat night … and had a Coke with a plate of Jaffa Cakes for breakfast on Sunday morning.

  2. loopykate says:

    Well done! That’s certainly an improvement on last week menu.
    It’s an obvious point but have you got a freezer? I find myself always making 3 times the quantity I can eat so sticking a tub or 2 in the deep freeze means having a supply of healthy ‘ready meals’ for days when my cooking morale is low. Also, roasting veg is a simple way to get tasty results which generally avoids the ‘mush’. You can then toss over pasta, rice, baked potatoe (oh look, I said ‘toss’ hee hee!).
    Salad is good to add to a less-than-healthy plate. I think you might have mentioned having hygeine issues with raw food so that’s probably not an option. Although you could grow your own – hydroponically (no soil) – but hey, that’s taking things a bit too far!

  3. Lucy McGough says:

    Any chance of a photo? :-D

    And I always thought talking to people on the internet counted as ‘talking’…. if it doesn’t, years of my life have been wasted!

    BTW I enjoyed the last post, and I’ve never knowingly listened to PSB in my life.

    Sometimes ‘family churches’ just means ‘we don’t mind if you bring your screaming little kids and your mobile plays the theme tune to Thomas the Tank Engine during the consecration’. (This happened in my church once. It was very amusing.)

  4. lsnduck says:

    Ooo, oats as a casserole thickener, I shall have to try that.

  5. aethelreadtheunread says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    la – well, i’m impressed you bothered to put the jaffa cakes on a plate rather than just eating them straight from the packet – that’s real class, that is. :o)

    loopykate – i do have a freezer (it’s where i keep my oven chips and frozen peas and so on.) Freezing the meals is a good idea – apart from anything else it would mean that i wouldn’t have to have the leftovers the next day.

    Oh, and i guess tossing over pasta would be one way of upping the protein content… ;o) (Sorry, that’s a really vile idea to think about, isn’t it?)

    Lucy McGough – I’m afraid Aethelread doesn’t do photos (he said, talking about himself in the 3rd person, like he was some kind of nutter…).

    Online chatting certainly does count – it’s a lot more sociable than watching tv, or whatever, but i think a little more face-to-face contact with people might not be a bad idea for me. :o)

    lsnduck – the only thing to be careful of is that you don’t use too many oats – just a very light sprinkling is enough – otherwise you end up eating brown porridge with bits of acrrot etc in it, and that’s just weird… ;o)

  6. No Other Medicine says:

    I was unresponsive to the Pet Shop Boys post because the postman still hasn’t turned up with my copy. It’s times like this that I miss the whole normal person, able to leave the house to go shopping thing. Personally I’m always happy to read fanboy posts.

    I might try oats as casserole thickener next time too.

  7. Alex says:

    Congrats on the healthy eating, A. I wouldn’t be able to eat the right amount of veg to save my life (Full disclosure: I’m starting on a McDonalds’ as I write this). The closest I’ve come to fruit this week is cheap wine – fermented grapes count as a fruit, right?
    Similarly, the last time I tried to make porridge it ended up like rice pudding. Apparently my scots ancestry does not extend to culinary expertise.
    I find the idea of sleeping with guys who’ve been ‘cured of the gay’ unreasonably amusing. There’s probably a ‘laying on of hands’ joke in there somewhere…
    Hope your mood picks up soon.

  8. J. Wibble says:

    Well done on the healthier eating. I really need to take a look at this as I’ve been eating loads of crap lately, this is what comes of having a housemate with a car who frequently offers to drive everyone to Maccy’s. It’s on my to-do list, may use some of your food ideas as a template. I’ll get my other half to buy some of those funny-coloured things next time he goes shopping.

  9. Mandy says:

    Liked the cross reference to laying on of hands. Ha! Ha!

  10. aethelreadtheunread says:

    Thanks for the extra comments.

    No Other Medicine – I feel your pain re waiting for the postman to deliver the PSB album. TBH, i’ve pretty much gone down the download route for music these days. I do miss having an actual, physical object to look at and hold (and particularly with bands like PSB who still put a lot of thought into things like sleeve design), but given that these days i exclusively listen to music when i’m in front of my computer or on an MP3 player it does make sense.

    Hope you get on with oats in casseroles. My mum – whose idea it was – would be thrilled to think that her ideas were spreading far and wide.

    Alex – thanks for the congrats, but i think to be fair it would have to be described as healthier rather than healthy eating. I still eat a lot of crap, and my dinner on Tuesday night was a big plate of oven chips, and then about 6 orange kit-kats for pudding… ;o)

    The making of porridge – like all cooking – is a matter of practice. I didn’t start cooking until i left home to go to college, and my first few months i was producing wildly inedible messes. It took me years to get to the stage i’m at now, and i’m still rubbish at presentation. A chocolate dessert i made once was greeted by someone saying, ‘Hmmm, it looks as though a dog has visited my plate…’ :o)

    J Wibble – good luck with the healthy eating, if you decide to go down that route. But the eating of fast-food is so much easier, isn’t it? I practically lived on the stuff for a couple of years.

    Mandy – I’m glad you approved! :o)

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