February 14th

Bastard, bastard, happy people, bastards, smug couples, BASTARD!


A very happy Valentine’s day to one and all.  Especially those who, like me, find themselves (again) with no-one to shower their affection on (again).  Just remember: it’s a cynical marketing ploy perpetrated by the suppliers of flowers, perfume, chocolates, and champagne pedicures (whatever the hell a champagne pedicure is – I mean, surely champagne would make a really sticky foot-wash…).

And then, of course, you can make the traditional single-person-on-Valentine’s-day musical choice: Pictures of You by The Cure (‘If only I’d thought of the right words/ I could have held onto your heart’); or St Swithin’s Day by Billy Bragg*  (‘The Polaroids that held us together/ Will surely fade away/ Like the love that we spoke of forever/ On St Swithin’s day’); or How Soon Is Now? by The Smiths (‘There’s a club, if you’d like to go/ You could meet somebody who really loves you/ So you go, and you stand on your own/ And you leave on your own/ And you go home, and you cry/ And you want to die’).

Ah, self-indulgent misery-wallowing, there’s nowt like it… ;o)

* – the only complete version of the song I’ve been able to find is by Dubstar, so that’s what I’ve linked to.  It’s a good version, but not as good as the original.

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10 Responses to February 14th

  1. Lucy McGough says:

    I’m trying to convince myself that the only reason I’m still single is because I’m an acquired taste, like caviare or Marmite :-D

    All the nice young men I know are gay, in a relationship, both, or thinking of becoming priests. I think I must emit some sort of aura…

  2. cellar_door says:

    We love you A :o)

    And if it’s any consolation, my day started with Mr Door whinging at me for getting him a card, meaning he had to go to the newsagents on his lunch break to get me one…

    Who says romance is dead?!

  3. Lucy McGough says:

    Mr Door doesn’t know how lucky he is :-P

  4. cb says:

    My valentine’s day – I sent an e-card at 11am to partner sitting in the same room. He then feels guilty for not sending me one back, even when I repeat that a) it was one that I sent from the Andrex website to enter a competition and b) it was free.
    Followed by romantic ‘beer and burger’ at the local Wetherspoons. Honestly, I don’t buy into it. I hated it when I was single because it made me feel rotten and I vowed to never celebrate it when I wasn’t.
    I did buy myself chocolate though – but come to think of it, that isn’t a particularly unusual event!

  5. Alex says:

    Your opening line made me grin like a madman. I empathise entirely, given that I’m also tragically single at the moment. Personally, I spent much of Valentine’s Day in a coffee shop, arguing about civil rights and the role of government in a democracy with an old (platonic) friend. I can’t recommend that kind of thing enough as an antidote to the Hallmark bollocks. Or failing that, there’s always ODing on chocolates and listening to The Smiths >_>

  6. aethelreadtheunread says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    Lucy McGough – oh, i’m sure you could work on corrupting some of those wannabe priests. Maybe steer the conversation round to other vocational jobs where they don’t have to permanently foreswear the pleasures of the flesh… ;o)

    And, needless to say, i’m sure you’re not an acquired taste at all, just one that’s worth savouring. :o)

    cellar_door – well, if Mr Door’s grumpiness wasn’t an elaborate deception leading up to a more lavish display of affection (not neccesarily material goods) later in the day then, frankly, you should sign him up for evening classes. You know, the course entitled ‘Coping with testicular trauma’. With any luck he’ll get the message that you’re threatening to kick him in the balls… ;o)

    cb – i think some people might take a valentine’s card arriving via a bog-roll company as an insult… ;o)

    I never used to really mark valentine’s day when i was coupled either. But, still, it is basically a day when all the emphasis is on being nice to your partner, which can stick in the throat a little for those of us who are tragically single (or is that just tragic?) :o)

    Alex – well, get you, and your cosmopolitan whirr of a social life… ;o)

    the role of government in a democracy

    That’s easy – it’s to set up popular hate-figures (c.f. bankers) to distract the people from the government’s own culpability, whilst simultaneously introducing wholesale state surveillance by stealth. Or at least i assume that’s what it is. It’s certainly what HMG is doing at the moment…

    Cynical? Me? :o)

  7. DH and I did what we always do on valentine’s, and ordered a large takeaway curry :). Then he played fallout 3 while I chatted on facebook. The joys of geeky couples :).

  8. cellar_door says:

    “an elaborate deception leading up to a more lavish display of affection (not neccesarily material goods) later in the day”

    Nope, although I did spend half the day idly hoping it might be :o)

    I resisted the urge to inflict testicular trauma, however, because he had wrote nice stuff in the card. After he got it out the car where he had left it when he came in from work…

    We had a nice night after that though :o)

  9. Lucy McGough says:

    “I’m sure you could work on corrupting some of those wannabe priests.”

    Nah. It’s bad enough coming second to another woman, but coming second to God? Talk about having three people in your marriage!

  10. lsnduck says:

    I managed to miss the whole kerfuffle this week by the simple expedient of moving house on the big day. The build up to moving also helped hide the build up from my awareness.

    For much the same reasons as everyone else has stated, I always disliked St. Valentine’s Day when I was single. Now, I still dislike it, if for differing reasons. The manipulative pressure built up by the hideous commercialisation is as bad as the false and empty tat itself. Fortunately, my good lady feels much the same way I do.

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