Pet Shop Boys already said it

Though the chances that I’ve let

Pass me by (and now regret

I can’t forget) –

They’re haunting me

Like a score of unpaid debts.

Is it enough to live in hope

That one day we’ll be free,

Without this fear?

 Pet Shop Boys, ‘Discoteca‘, from Bilingual, 1996.


Or will spring bring rain and summer burn?

Will tears at last precede the turn

From summer warmth to sudden cold

As certainly as growing old?


And if I decide

To step aside,

I will try to forget

All the tears I’ll have cried

 Pet Shop Boys, ‘To Step Aside‘, from Bilingual, 1996.

I have nothing to add.

(Sorry for the maudlin self-indulgence.  I’m sure I’ll cheer up soon.)

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2 Responses to Pet Shop Boys already said it

  1. loopykate says:

    I know it’s no consolation but I share your (or their) sentiments. Having just reached the ripe old age of 39 and with the pile of missed of fudged opportunities mounting and decaying behind me – not to mention living at the mercy of a capricious ‘mood disorder’ – I find it hard some days to look forward.
    On a happier note however – thanks for reminding me of the ‘2 queers & a keyboard’. I forgot how good they were – after my brother pilfered my viynl collection a decade ago. Think I might head over to Utube right now and seek them out.

  2. Always loved Pet Shop Boys, reminds me of my yoof. They do write damned good lyrics. Feeling crap too, let’s have a crapfest together !

    Sis xxx

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