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Sorry things have been a little quiet round here for the last few days, but I’m afraid they’re likely to stay quiet for a little while longer.  I’ve decided to take a holiday from blogging, and there will be either very much fewer posts, or even none at all, over the next little while.  I have a few reasons for this.

To start with, I’m finding it hard to think of things to write about.  Whenever I have thought of something, I’ve found it almost impossible to chase it down to a conclusion, or to write in the way that I want to write – I was working on a post about the impending benefit reforms last week, but I abandoned it when I went back to it after a few hours and realised that it was just a mess of paranoid, aggressive ranting.  I know there are people who think the blogosphere (and the internet in general) were invented expressly for aggressive and paranoid rants, but personally I always try to avoid posting unless I have something I hope is interesting/ worthwhile/ useful/ amusing to say.

(If I’m honest, I think my last couple of posts have skated very close to the edge of that, anyway – there were a few times when I was really just a hair’s breadth away from saying ‘these are the reasons I don’t like heterosexuals.’  What makes it especially weird is that I really don’t dislike heterosexuals, but I was feeling ‘got at’ by ‘someone’ (not cellar_door, if she’s worried, or anyone else who commented, for that matter), and so I reacted rather aggressively.  Although I hope I did a reasonable job keeping a lot of that out of the published versions of the posts.)

Another reason for taking a break is that I am struggling at the moment.  I’m not having a major crisis, and there is absolutely no need for anyone to worry, but I am finding that the anxiety I always feel about blogging is getting really extreme, and so I need to take a step back.  It’s not so much that my anxiety is focussed on the blog in particular as it is a recognition of the fact that at a time when everything is getting a lot more difficult, I have to concentrate on the essentials.  At the moment it’s taking all my psychological energy to get myself out to the shops regularly and to battle the tide of (not real, but  seemingly real) things that are threatening to overwhelm me.

As I say, I’m not having a major crisis, and in fact this action is designed to help prevent one taking place.  Perhaps we can think of it as a form of MH-related hibernation…

To be honest, I don’t know how long I’ll be away from blogging for.  I’m not going to be making this an absolute ban, so if I have something to say, and I feel like saying it, a new post might go up at any time.  But I also wouldn’t be surprised if it was mid-January before there was a fresh post.  Truthfully, I don’t really know how this is going to pan out, but I do think lengthy gaps between posts are going to be fairly likely, and that’s why I’m letting you know.  I know that a sudden, unexplained silence from a blogger can be worrying, and I wanted to avoid that, at least.  Although I have now done that in a way that will make me look like an OTT drama queen if it turns out that there’s a new, happy post here every day from now until the end of the world…

Anyway, that’s it for now.  If I’m not back before christmas/ new year, I hope you all have a pleasant festive season, whatever it is you’re doing, and I’ll see you whenever I see you, but certainly in no more than a few weeks at the outside.

Take care,


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9 Responses to Blogging holiday

  1. The Chuckle says:

    Have a good one Aethelread – hope the break does you good :D

  2. Madsadgirl says:

    Take care of yourself; that is much more important than blogging. Hopefully you will eventually come back to regular blogging feeling reinvigorated. Best wishes.

  3. cellar_door says:

    Think I can say we’ll all miss you but completely understand why you’re taking a break (as far as we all can anyway). Take care of yourself, and if we do get any posts it will be a nice surprise :o)

    Hope christmas is kind to you!



  4. Mandy says:

    Hi Aethelread

    Firstly, I am sorry to read that you were feeling got at. I didn’t sense any negativity towards anyone coming from you. I thought you were expressing your own views without getting at anyone.

    I find you pretty objective when you post and from someone who struggles at times (this end) with objectivity I admire you for that.

    Enjoy your break but please don’t stay away too long.

  5. Alex says:

    I understand completely. I’ll miss reading your writing for a while, but that’s my problem. And I really hope you start finding things a bit easier soon. Don’t worry, by the way, I can do some paranoid, aggressive rants on Teen Mis to make up the numbers ;). Have a good Winterval, man.

  6. Enjoy the break and I hope you come back with more to say. We’ll miss you! I hope things pick up and don’t get crisis-like. Take care and enjoy crimbles!

  7. Zoe says:

    ‘if it turns out that there’s a new, happy post here every day from now until the end of the world…’ Love this idea. Will be thinking of you and maybe sending out some kindly awareness from my meditation cushion in the Oxfordshire countryside over ‘crimbles’.

    Yet again Mandy has taken the words out of my mouth. One of the great strengths of your writing is precisely its balance, objectivity and measured quality. You are not a ranter. You are very disciplined. But maybe that has a price. Writing like yours probably doesn’t come from a particularly easy place. For me, that makes it all the more valuable.

    So even though, like all your devoted fans, I will miss you, just take as long as you need. Lots of love.

  8. aethelreadtheunread says:

    Thanks for all the comments. I have to be honest, i don’t really know what to say, i’m feeling rather overwhelmed by all your kindness… :o)

    But just three things:
    1) When i talked about feeling got at, i didn’t mean i felt someone in particular (or everyone in general) was actually, really getting at me. It’s a kind of general and (at the moment) non-specific feeling, which is a warning that i’m heading in a potentially paranoid direction. I know that blogging (although i do really enjoy it) can be a trigger for paranoia, and that’s really the main reason i’m taking a (brief, and temporary) step back. It’s just a preventative measure.
    2) Like i just said, this is temporary. You don’t need to worry, i’ll be back smearing my ill-considered and overly-wordy opinions across this corner of the blogosphere before you know it… ;o)
    3) Just because i’m having a break from blogging, that doesn’t mean i’ll also be having a break from reading blogs. I’m looking forward to keeping up with all the blogs i already know and love (and that includes all of you who’ve commented above), so it’s not as though i’m going completely AWOL… ;o)

    Thanks again for the comments, they mean a lot, and i’ll see you soon. :o)

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