Self esteem? WHAT self esteem?

Actually, this made me laugh a lot.

One of the things WordPress lets you know on its stats pages is how many people have come to your blog via a search engine, and what they were searching for when they found you.  This is usually one of the more entertaining things to look at – a particularly good one recently was when someone came to my blog after searching for ‘becks sex photo’.  It found my blog because I’d recently mentioned the Beck depression inventory a couple of times, and I’ve used the word sex, and I have a category called ‘Photos’, but I can only imagine what the poor, disappointed lamb felt when s/he found me whining about feeling a bit blue instead of a picture of David and Victoria doing unmentionable things to each other.

Anyway, in a similar vein I wanted to share with you a recent search term that popped up:


I mean, it’s hard to argue.  I am lonely, sad is another word for depressed, and although I do have friends, I haven’t really spent any time with them for well over a year.  As for bastard, well, only if my mum was very good at keeping secrets… ;o)

Still, it is quite galling to realise that when you ask google to look through the whole internet for a lonely sad friendless bastard, it comes up with me  Oh, and of course, there’s only one view.  Otherwise that might suggest I was a popular lonely sad friendless bastard…

Thank god I’m not so depressed I’ve lost my sense of humour, that’s all I can say… :o)

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10 Responses to Self esteem? WHAT self esteem?

  1. cellar_door says:

    That is pretty bizarre…wonder if he had someone in mind when he started searching. Maybe he forgot someones name so decided to put in a description. Or maybe he is one and was hoping to meet another one to be friends with…

    Humour is definitely essential in these situations :0)

  2. la says:

    Maybe since he’s found you he’s no longer lonely? (That’s like, I dunno, a Barry Manilow song or summat.)

    Strangest hit I got recently was “why does pony farts a lot”

    My Little Pony-Farts-A-Lot – in shops now.

  3. david says:

    Oh dear! I noticed the other day that I come top of google for “desks that recede into the wall”… the mind boggles.

  4. I get some fairly bizarre and some quite upsetting searches too. I seem to come up a lot in searches about sick notes, which shows how many times I’ve written about not being at work!

  5. aethelreadtheunread says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    cellar_door – oops, i hadn’t thought of it like that. I hope if there was someone who thinks they’re a lonely sad etc hanging round this blog they weren’t offended/ upset by what i wrote. I’m sure they’re lovely, really! :o)

    la – ‘why does pony farts a lot’ – lol, that’s very funny. I can’t personally ever remember you blogging about pony flatulence, i must say. ;o) I wonder, actually, if it’s a joke thing people do – put in a really bizarre search, go to the bottom of the list, and start clicking on the links.

    david – i didn’t actually realise there were such things as desks that recede into the wall. Again, i can’t imagine it’s something you dedicate a lot of your time to blogging about. :o)

    intothesystem – i get quite a lot of people searching for that kind of thing too. I guess at least when they find your or my blog they’re going to find out they’re not going through stuff on their own.

  6. Immi says:

    Weird searches abound. “how to lace cigarettes with cough medicine” is one of the strangest for my blog lately. And you sure can’t find that info at my blog. People do search for the oddest things.

  7. The Chuckle says:

    my most recent was “” – I can’t even begin to imagine why, when i put it into google it came up with nothing at all

  8. Alex says:

    That’s hilarious, Aethelread. If it makes you feel any better, though, I’m still being flooded for searches for a stuffed robot dog

  9. I get a disturbed amount of searches from “naked mental tits”.

  10. aethelreadtheunread says:

    Thnaks [now why is it that my fingers always type that word with those two letters the wrong way round? It’s like the world’s most specific form of dyslexia. Tries again:]

    Thanks for the extra comments.

    Immi – that is weird. I’m almost tempted to put up a site designed to attract those searches with just one piece of advice – if you have a sore throat/ cough, try laying off the ciggies for a little while…

    The Chuckle – i guess we now know what Kodos and Kang from The Simpsons go googling for… ;o)

    Alex – ‘stuffed robot dog’ – is it just me, or does that sound like a very particular fetish…? ;o)

    Pole to Polar – lol, well that definitely trumps me! ;o) Ah, well, so long as we don’t let it get to us. :o)

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