I went for a walk

Well, why not, I thought.  It was a nice sunny day.

For a brief while, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  Or at least, not so long as you looked in the right direction…


My walk started off pretty dull – the usual daily round of familiar flights of concrete steps.

But pretty soon, thanks to the magic of public transport, I was somewhere a bit more interesting.

It was quite a messy path.  I was glad I was wearing my new boots.

The path ran along the side of quite a steep river gorge.  There were lots of steps down

and then lots of steps back up again,

but there were nice views along the way.

It was good to see some proper, tall trees.  I think this one is a beech.

Then I arrived at what had been the main aim of my walk all along – a waterfall.

I know it’s not the biggest waterfall in the world, but I enjoyed sitting on a rock and listening to the sound of the rushing water.

After a while I started to feel quite sad.  I realised it was because this was the kind of place my mum and dad would have taken me when I was a kid.  Then it would have been them sitting on the rock, and I would have been rushing back and forth dropping sticks into the river above the fall, then trying to spot them as they came over and floated downstream.

As I walked on, everything seemed to have an air of melancholy about it.  Everything was still so beautiful, but the leaves had started to die, and some were falling in the water.

I started to think of all the people I had known, all the people who have died, and I wanted so badly to have them with me again, just for five minutes, just to show them what I could see.

I walked on with tears in my eyes, and a pain in my chest, and thought ‘This hurts.  It hurts.’

But I also thought ‘Oh, thank god, I’m feeling again.’

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5 Responses to I went for a walk

  1. s says:

    I know that feeling of relief when you can finally cry about something rather than have the vague dread build and build with no exit.

  2. Zoe says:

    Wow Aethelread. I almost feel as if I was there with you! The pictures are beautiful, and as for that waterfall! I am racking my brains to think where you were! When you said ‘public transport’ I thought you meant within London, but it must have been further out? Anyway, I know you are a private guy so I will cease digging!

    We have had a rather wonderful autumn which does at least partly compensate for the non-starter of a summer. And I do so love this season. When the sun is out and the air is crisp the colours look their best. Anyway thanks for sharing your walk!

  3. Cellar_Door says:

    Wow, lovely walk! I’m trying to do some more walking myself…don’t have anywhere quite that nice nearby though :0) It does sometimes make me feel quite melancholy. But like you say, it’s something :0)

  4. aethelreadtheunread says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    s – there are definitely times, for me at least, when feeling sad is a step up. It’s a sign that the horrible blankness of depression has receded a bit.

    Zoe – well now, technically ‘public transport’ could mean: a train, a bus, a coach, an aeroplane, a ferry, or any combination of any of them… ;o) You’re right, though, i am reasonably obsessive about wanting to keep this blog anonymous – it took a certain amount of courage to post the photos – someone who’s been to the same place recently would probably recognise it, even though i’ve tried to cut out a lot of the identifying detail.

    Cellar_Door – pleased you liked it! It’s not quite as tranquil as it looks in the photos. But i did have the place to myself for quite a lot of the time, which i was pleased about, but did seem a bit odd on such a perfect autumn afternoon.

  5. cb says:

    I love these pictures and you know, it inspired me to do a similar thing (i.e. take photos) on a walk I did yesterday – just as a compare and contrast exercise. I haven’t got round to posting it yet. I might do at the weekend but I don’t think ‘my walk last sunday’ will have quite the same ring as ‘my walk yesterday’.

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