A sense of perspective

So, while I’ve been throwing a great big hissy fit over something that’s really not all that important, other people have been dealing with actual real problems.  Now, I know it’s not a competition, and I know that my feelings are my feelings, and I need to acknowledge them and work with them.  But still, it makes you think.  Or it made me think, at any rate.

Something else that has made me think are the posts of the last few weeks by experimental chimp.  It’s great to see things going such great guns for him, but it’s also a very helpful reminder that recovery is possible.  It’s so easy (especially if your mind falls naturally into the bleak thought patterns of depression, like mine does) to get lost in the idea that nothing will ever change, and that the best that treatment can achieve is a slight dulling of the pain.  The Chimp’s experiences prove that’s not the case, and so I’m pleased that he’s kept going at his blog, even after it’s changed from an illness blog into a recovery blog.

In the light of my aforementioned hissy fit, the most useful post on his blog has been the one about completing therapy.  I’m afraid I still can’t say that therapy is being such a great success for me, but the post has helped me to focus on the fact that, even for me, helpful things have come out of the process, and it’s worthwhile keeping a handle on what those things are.  Cellar_door has, with apparently infinite patience, been gently encouraging me in the same direction in her comments on my most recent post.

Well, something of a nothing post this one, but I thought I’d keep you updated on how my thinking is changing.  I wouldn’t want this blog to turn into an unrelenting cavalcade of doom that no-one wants to check in on for fear of what they’ll find.

And on that note, behind the ‘More’ tab, is a little something inspired by a song that was playing in my local supermarket last night.  Basically, it’s an orgy of Carry-On-esque innuendo and smut where you find yourself thinking “but surely they must have spotted the double entendre in those song lyrics when they were recording them”…

First up the song that I actually heard last night, by Dr Hook:

When you’re in love with a beautiful woman,

Oh, you know, it’s hard

I’m sure it is, dear…

The next artiste I hesitate to mention, even in order to poke fun at him, as his work is truly horrific.  Yes, I’m afraid it’s ‘In The Air Tonight‘ by Phil Collins:

I can feel it coming in the air tonight

Nice of him to be so up-front about having a wank.  (Although that probably has given you a nightmare mental picture.  Sorry about that.)

Another wanking reference in the next one, REM’s ‘Half A World Away‘.  Michael Stipe is writing (probably – it’s all guesswork with REM lyrics) about how lonely it is when you’re travelling and your significant other is on the far side of the planet.  He probably thinks he’s singing about tear-stained love letters and writer’s cramp:

My hand’s tired, my heart aches,

I’m half a world away.

So I’ll hold it alone

A more embarrassing personal problem for the Pet Shop Boys:

Love comes quickly whatever you do

Ah, premature ejaculation’s a terrible thing.  Or at least, so I’ve been told, he added hurriedly.  Oh, no, wait a minute, I didn’t mean hurriedly like that… ;o)

Still, it was obviously temporary, because here they are bragging about their prowess just a few years later:

We make it so hard,

So hard.

Then there’s the sexual confusion of the teenage German duo, Band Ohne Namen (Band with No Name, if my German’s up to scratch).  They think they’re singing a song about how frustrating it is to try and get off with girls, but still manage to end their chorus with:

All the hyped-up and psyched-up boys

Always thinkin’ ‘bout lovely boys.

And, last but not least, more of a single entendre from Billy Bragg, via long-forgotten-but-I-still-love-them Dubstar:

With my own hands

When I make love to your memory

It’s not the same


Sorry.  As you can tell, I have a very infantile sense of humour

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8 Responses to A sense of perspective

  1. Wow. Thanks.


    Come on Eileen

  2. Alex says:

    >>actual real problems
    A quarter of the world doesn’t have electricity. What I’m getting at is just because other people have it worse doesn’t mean everyone else has no right to complain about anything. You said that already, but I kind of wanted to repeat it. Oh, I seem to have crushed the mood in this comments section, sorry.
    Backpedaling, I have two contributions to the innuendo:
    Cake’s ‘When You Sleep
    and The Donnas’ ‘It’s So Hard‘.
    Although now that I think about it, John Lennon had a song of the same name that’s even worse.

  3. aethelreadtheunread says:

    experimental chimp – you’re welcome. Also, dammit, how could i have forgotten Come on Eileen… ;o)

    Alex – sorry your comment didn’t appear straight away – wordpress sent it for moderation because (i think) of the number of links in it. And all contributions to the innuendo are always welcome… ;o)

  4. The Chuckle says:

    There’s always the Lord’s Prayer – “Thy Kingdom come” – lots of clean up needed there then!

  5. Cellar_Door says:

    Ha! And I thought I was weird for seeing the innuendo in those…good to know I’m not alone in having a filthy mind! :o)

  6. sara says:

    I liked that post too.

    And love the REM song interpretation.

  7. I would reckon Billy Bragg certainly sees the double entendre.

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