Mea culpa

Well, I’m sure this will come as nothing of a surprise to any of you, but I haven’t made an appointment with my gp.

I know, I know – bad Aethelread.  Go straight to jail, do not collect £200.

In my defence, I haven’t had anything like the same intensity of experience since Friday.  Just stray words and fragments of sentences, and often indistinct enough that I haven’t been able to work out what they’re saying.  I’m probably mistaken, but I’m choosing to take this as a sign that things are getting better.

Something else has rather freaked me out, though.  Over the weekend, there was some kind of a problem with one of the trains on my local line, and for about 4 hours yesterday morning they were making tannoy announcements about disruption to services on my local station.  The announcements were different to the ones I “heard” on Thursday night/ Friday morning, and the disruption was centred in a different place.  And obviously coincidences happen all the time.

But still – Aaaargh!  No!  Don’t do that!  I have enough trouble keeping a grip on reality as it is, without reality choosing to unravel all by itself…

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2 Responses to Mea culpa

  1. silvawingz says:

    Don’t worry Aethelread – I doubt it’s a sign. It took me a long time to tell anyone about the voices I hear – Sometimes I think I never should have told anyone.

  2. The Chuckle says:

    Like you said before, rail announcements are probably fairly benign – and fessing to voices to anyone is not going to be a barrel of laughs. maybe given a bit of time you’ll be able to make a cool headed judgement on whether to mention it to your part time therapist? Hope you get a quiet head soon!!

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