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I’m reasonably certain that pretty much everyone who reads this blog also reads Mental Nurse and Mental Patient About Town, via whose links I found this, but in case not:

You should read this article from the New Statesman.  It covers some of the same ground to a post I wrote a while ago, which was itself inspired by posts from other people, but it’s good to see ideas like this getting an airing in the ‘proper’ media.  On a less positive note, the comments by ‘Frankiefield’ (if you can be bothered wading through them) are a depressingly good example of the depth of prejudice that exists on the Incapacity Benefit issue.

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3 Responses to You should read this

  1. Jenny says:

    I thought Alison Ravetz’s article was well-expressed and humane. It is good to know that there are some who are willing to question what the government is doing to the sick and the disabled, and who resist the trend, encouraged by politicians of all parties, towards scapegoating some of the most unfortunate in our society. I find it hard to believe that this scapegoating is happening under a Labour government. As a post-war child, I was brought up to believe that caring for the less fortunate was an essential part of being human. That ideal seems to have virtually been lost, and our welfare state is being dismantled under our noses and with very little opposition. Thank you Professor Ravetz!

  2. DeeDee Ramona says:

    Agree with Jenny. Also amazing that a Tory-aligned publication is lambasting a Labour govt for being too right wing!

  3. Mandy says:

    What you mean we aren’t recovered yet?

    I have to say that in spite of the CBT yourself to recovery workbook and accompanying CD my bipolar prevails.

    Ho hum.

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