Yesterday I went to the supermarket.

I reached for the same shopping basket as someone else, so I stood back and said, “Sorry.”

I said, “Hello,” to the lady on the checkout.  When she gave me my change I said, “Thanks.”

And that was it.  In an entire 24 hour period I spoke three words.

But here’s the thing.  On Friday and Saturday I didn’t go to the supermarket, so I didn’t speak a single word to anyone.  I haven’t spoken yet today, either.

It’s getting on for 3pm as I write this, so that makes it 75 hours since midnight on Friday morning.  In all that time, I’ve still only said three words.

There wasn’t anything different about this weekend.  In fact, the only unusual thing about the whole three and a half day period was that I decided to keep track of what I said to who.

With the exception on my appointments with Yvonne, I don’t speak to anyone, except people who work in shops, from one week to the next.  Or from one month to the next, come to that.

Who knew being depressed could be so lonely?


By the way, this isn’t the post I promised at the end of my last one.  Sorry about that.  It’ll maybe turn up in due course, in case any of you are sitting on the edge of your seats in anticipation… 

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3 Responses to Words

  1. Mandy says:

    After reading this don’t know what to write that won’t come across as patronising or over fluffy or wrong.

    I can say it makes me remember how lucky I am that I have people close and who are in daily verbal or physical (platonic) contact with. I also have people I communicate with via e:mail daily. That is a talking of sorts.

    To go a weekend without talking to someone I know and more than 3 words in total (except to myself and I do that a fair bit) would seem very strange to me, although there are times when I can’t cope with talking to people but that is a choice I can mostly make. It is hard to make conversations with strangers and more so when they are pre-occupied with their work.

    Hmm. As in hmmm, I feel touched by your posting but feel more so that I should skuttle off quietly now before I write something useless.

  2. zeezeetop says:

    Aethelread how are you doing? Just wanted to let you know you’re not unread – I read you.

    I used to hardly speak to anyone, so much so that I became almost unable to, and felt very much outside of everything.

  3. aethelreadtheunread says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    Mandy – you don’t come across as over-fluffy, or patronising, or anything bad at all. It’s nice to get nice comments like yours. :o)

    zeezeetop – ‘felt very much outside of everything’ – that’s a perfect description of the feeling. Although i do find blogging (and reading other people’s blogs) is a bit of a replacement for actual face-to-face contact. It was one of my motives for starting this up.

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