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Political predictions: first update

Eighteen months ago I pretended, preposterously, to be some kind of all-seeing political oracle – Eighteen months ago I idiotically created a whole series of hostages to fortune – Eighteen months ago I used this blog to make a number … Continue reading

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Some belated comments on Eurovision

A Eurovision post, a whole week late? That’s s-l-o-w blogging, even for you, Aethel. I know, I know. It’s a function of the way I like to experience the contest – which is to watch the grand final first, then … Continue reading

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Everything you need to know about the housing crisis in two headlines

The following image was grabbed on the late afternoon of Friday, 2nd May, 2014. It’s taken from one of the pages in The Guardian‘s Money section, and it tells you everything you need to know about the housing crisis (which … Continue reading

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The Bad Grammar Awards’ bad grammar

The Bad Grammar Awards have apparently come round again. I wrote about these last year. My basic opinion hasn’t changed in the time since. I still think that to conceive of there being any such thing as a single English … Continue reading

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But what does “office solutions” actually mean?

I happened to walk along a street I don’t often walk along the other evening, and I saw a van parked at the side of the road. It had one of those all-over paint jobs which left it completely emblazoned … Continue reading

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For a “Christian country”, ours seems to have an awful lot of hoarded wealth

David Cameron has recently taken to declaring with an unprecedented frequency and vigour that “we” are a Christian country. Some people are upset about this. Personally, I’m not all that upset. I don’t tend to get upset about these kinds … Continue reading

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Nicky Morgan: the Minister for Women who doesn’t believe in equality for all women

Ok, let’s start with a very short bit of modern history. The UK government role of Minister for Women and Equality was created in 2007 (superseding the previous role of Minister for Women). The position was renamed Minister for Women … Continue reading

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