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It’s not really surprising that most things in films are faked

Last Friday, The Guardian ran a blog post about the programming code that appears on-screen in films and TV programmes when the creators are trying to make a scene involving “computer stuff” visually interesting. You know the kind of thing … Continue reading

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An inappropriate feeling of relief

Sorry in advance for this post. It’s going to be boring and whiny, and either depressing or annoying, depending on your usual response to self-indulgent whingeing. Best not read it. And definitely best not read it if reading about other … Continue reading

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Christmas witterings

In keeping with tradition (by which I mean this is the fourth time I’ve done it), this is my don’t-know-what-to-say-I’ll-say-it-anyway Christmas post, which I am writing and posting on Christmas day itself. I have time to do this because, as … Continue reading

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Today, the UK government have confirmed Alan Turing’s “guilt”

Alan Turing – one of the most remarkable minds of the twentieth century; developer in the 1930s of the mathematical concept of a Universal Machine, the theoretical blueprint for the device on which you are reading this – has been … Continue reading

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What if social anxiety isn’t a disorder?

The BBC news website has a big article about social anxiety disorder, with specific reference to Christmas. It’s illustrated, of course, with one of those unintentionally hilarious photos that features editors love so much: a woman in a beige jacket … Continue reading

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Graham Norton’s Aids ribbon

On the 29th November edition of his chat show – the edition that aired closest to World Aids Day, December 1st – Graham Norton wore an Aids ribbon, as did all his guests. Another BBC employee noticed this, and found … Continue reading

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Some brief comments on Tom Daley’s announcement

Some things I want to say about Tom Daley’s announcement today.

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An explanation of my absence, and my version of the ‘personal float’

Apologies for the long gap without posts.

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John Cole: what his death reveals about present-day political reporting

John Cole, sadly, has died. He became the BBC’s political editor when I was eight, and retired when I was nineteen; his was thus the face and voice of political reporting during the period of time when my interest in … Continue reading

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A quite difficult quiz in The Guardian

The Guardian published a quiz about language – specifically one about errors that have crept into its own pages. There are, obviously, rich pickings to be had here, given that newspaper’s propensity for middling op it’s worms. (In fact, at … Continue reading

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